The Extraordinary Business Book Club Summer Reading List!
The summer is a great time to catch up with some reading, but put the chick-lit and the crime thrillers[...]
100 episodes young!
*cue fanfare and firework noises* This week is the 100th episode of The Extraordinary Business Book Club! I've seen this coming[...]
The Extraordinary Business Book Newsletter No.1
So blogging every day was a fascinating experiment, but by the end I was ready for a slower-paced, more thoughtful[...]
The reinvention of storytelling
Today's blog is over at BookMachine, and was inspired by my podcast interview with Matt Locke, founder of Storythings and[...]
You see? I stop with the having-to-post-every-day thing and suddenly I don't post for a month! But here's a wonderful[...]
The Good Stuff
Yesterday I promised you a post about all the GOOD things that came out of my 365-day running streak. Yesterday[...]
The 365-day experiment
On 11 September 2016, I accidentally committed to running and blogging every day, with no end date. (You can read[...]
Surfing the (Design)Crowd
Although I had the cover for This Book Means Business designed some time ago, once I'd finished the book I[...]
Mickey and Minnie – for real
I've just discovered something that pleases me enormously. Apparently Wayne Anthony Allwine, the voice of Mickey Mouse for 32 years,[...]
Literacy – the currency of the knowledge economy
It's International Literacy Day today, as it has been every 8 September since UNESCO established it in 1965. We've come[...]
Lessons from Disney No.3: someone’s always watching
The last lesson I'm going to share with you/burden you with from our Disney experience is this: there's always someone[...]
Lessons from Disney No.2: keep moving
You'd think if any company had reached a point where it could rest on its laurels, it would be Disney.[...]
Lessons from Disney No.1: scale your ideas
I said yesterday I'd learned a few things about business in those few crazy family days at Disneyland Paris -[...]
It’s a rollercoaster. No, it really is.
We’ve been in Disneyland Paris for the last few days, and I’m writing this on the ferry back home, feeling[...]
Know your reader/customer
I recorded the intro and outro for Episode 77 of The Extraordinary Business Book Club yesterday, which was slightly surreal[...]
More William Zinsser
Another great quote today from William Zinsser’s On Writing Well (and no apologies – it’s genius and the only reason[...]
On Writing Well
As part of my book-for-every-year-of-my-life challenge, I’ve reached 1976 and William Zinsser’s classic On Writing Well (although I’ve cheated slightly[...]
Micro-niching the book
Yesterday I focused on the entrepreneurial aspect of Warren Knight’s story (you can listen to the full interview here), but[...]