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Got an idea for a business book? Let's test it out and move it forward.

idea engineering

Having an idea is just the first step.

Now you're asking yourself:

  • Is it any good? 
  • Is the angle right?
  • Will it work as a book? 
  • How do I structure it?
  • What do I do next?

If only you could work through it all with a professional publisher....

Business Book R&D is an intensive, 1-to-1 programme that takes you through four simple stages: 

  1. ARTICULATE: a supported inquiry process to help you articulate your idea more clearly 
  2. TEST: a concept review to test robustness, distinctiveness and clarity 
  3. DEVELOP: a 2-hour workshop to develop the concept and create a high-level structure for the book 
  4. PLAN: a blueprint for writing, publishing and marketing your book in the way that suits you best, so you can go on to write it with confidence 
Total cost: £795 + VAT/$895*
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*this fee is deductible from the Practical Inspiration Publishing package if you choose that route