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"A unique combination of top-level experience of the publishing industry together with a passion for rewriting the rules and helping businesses use content effectively."

With the Practical Inspiration 3S framework - Story, Strategy, System - my team and I have helped hundreds of experts create polished, professional books to be proud of, books that change readers' lives.
We believe we're the best publishing partner in the world for business leaders, with an unmatched package of editorial, production, sales, and marketing support with global representation and distribution together with unusually author-friendly terms.
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‘Alison understands better than anyone how to write and position a book that fits into your business and helps it grow.

'I have recently published a book with Alison's company, and cannot say enough about how good it has been to work with her and her team. Their professionalism and attention to detail are evident from the first points of contact right through to the delivery of the finished product. Every member of the team is highly skilled, cheerful, and prompt. They are absolutely top-notch.'