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Exploratory Writing:
Everyday magic for life and work

Simple tools, extraordinary results.

Everything we’re learning about how we function best as humans in the digital age is pointing towards one of our oldest technologies: the pen and the page.

Exploratory writing – writing for ourselves, not for others, writing when we don’t know exactly what it is we want to say – is one of the most powerful and lightweight thinking tools we have at our disposal. It’s also been, until now, one of the most overlooked.

But the world’s most influential leaders are increasingly using the techniques in this book to support the key skills of the 21st century – self-mastery, creativity, focus, solution-finding, collaboration – and so can you.

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"A really powerful book."

Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and Fortitude

Bruce Daisley

Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times best-selling author of The Power of Regret, Drive and A Whole New Mind

It’s a simple question but a profound one: what if we saw the blank page as a space for exploring ideas rather than simply expressing them? Anyone who writes regularly knows that writing is a powerful tool for thinking. This book makes that magic accessible to everyone, at any time. Read it — and prepare to take notes!

Caroline Webb

author of How to Have a Good Day

Many of us have noticed how jotting our thoughts down can help to soothe our mind and sharpen our ideas when we're faced with a challenge - and in this book Alison Jones beautifully demonstrates just how powerful and accessible the technique of exploratory writing can become in our day-to-day lives. With practical guidance and warm encouragement, she shows us an effective, endlessly flexible tool for doing better, feeling better and being better. Wonderful stuff.

Dorie Clark

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

When you're facing uncertainty – which is most of us, most of the time – writing can be a powerful tool for understanding and personal growth. In this book, Alison Jones shows us how to embrace the life-changing power of the blank page!

Jonathan MacDonald

change expert, speaker and author of Powered by Change

This is more than a brilliant book about writing, it’s a comprehensive toolkit that expands the way we think and create. The book is full of multiple and illuminating insights that anyone could learn from, from those who are thinking about writing through to seasoned authors. It’s THE compendium for writers. Outstanding.

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Already reading the book? Find the audio narration for the 'Inquiring of Future You' exercise (p.75-77) here...

This Book Means Business: Clever ways to plan and write a book that works harder for your business

A practical, accessible handbook for anyone thinking about writing a book to build their business, with a wide range of tips and techniques to help plan, write, publishing and promote a book that’s integrated with your platform and works to build your reputation, network and credibility from Day 1.

‘Practical, insightful and incredibly useful. Alison Jones is the trusted friend everyone should have when writing a business book. Combining her unique connections and expertise in the worlds of writing, publishing and business-building, she writes with clarity, generosity and wit, distilling the best of her experience - and that of a whole host of successful business authors - into an incredibly useful guide for anyone looking to write a book that really works for their business.’ – Grace Marshall, Head coach, chief encourager and productivity ninja, author of How To Be Really Productive

‘A worthy primer, a great place to start on your journey to make a business book that matters.’ – Seth Godin, author and blogger

‘In this comprehensive, well-researched and immensely helpful book, Alison Jones lays out everything you need to know about how to write the right book, in the right way, to drive business results. Whether you've toyed with the idea of writing a book for years, and never gotten off the starting line, or you've already written several books, but want to do it in a more pleasant, purposeful and high-impact way next time, this book is for you.’ – Amanda Setili, president, Setili & Associates business consulting, and author of Fearless Growth

‘What Alison Jones doesn't know about writing, publishing and marketing business books probably isn't worth knowing. Even if the cover price of this book were £100, you'd still be getting a bargain: the sheer volume of advice it contains will prove priceless to anyone thinking of writing a business book. It contains everything you need to know, and then some.’ – Scott Pack, author of How to Perfect Your Submission: Tips from a publisher

‘At last! The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook has a companion. Read them both. Do what they say. And be lucky.’ – Dr Andy Cope, author of Now That’s What I Call Leadership and The Art of Being Brilliant

‘Writing a book helps you share your ideas with the world - and become recognized for them in the marketplace. Alison Jones's informative new guide enables you to craft a meaningful work that will have a lasting impact on your business success.’ – Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

‘Alison Jones has done a remarkable thing – she has created a toolkit that will transform your life and your business. This Book Means Business takes a practical approach to planning, writing and marketing your book which applies her experience as a publisher and writer, and draws on the best mentors from the business of writing business books. Follow her advice and prepare for your life to change as you accelerate your personal and professional development.’ – Bec Evans, innovation consultant and co-founder of Prolifiko

This book is for you…

…if you run a business based on your expertise
…if you want to take your business and your platform to the next level
…if you haven’t got time and energy to waste writing a book that isn’t a good return on investment
…if you want to create a book that matters: one that’s distinctive, says something worth saying, and makes life better for its readers!


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