Write with me

'Writing alone is like drinking alone: it's OK, but you don't want to be doing too much of it.' 

Alison Jones, This Book Means Business

writing alone

Like writing alongside like-minded people? Me too. 

Here are the up-coming opportunities to write with me and other non-fiction authors: time and space for your own project, together with knowledgeable advice and support. 

Write it Wild

with Alison Jones and Dawn Thomas

Reignite your writing.
Rediscover what really matters.

19-22 April, Monketon Wyle Court, Dorset

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'Alison's writing retreat has helped me to get super focused... Highly recommended.'

'Alison has a gift. She can help you sift through 'stuff' and get to the golden nuggets by using powerful questions.'

' Intelligence, wit and encouragement with plenty of direct, practical, no-nonsense feedback. Alison's advice and suggestions were helpful beyond measure.'

'Alison is a maestro at pulling you back when you're drifting, getting you to say more with less, and giving you the courage to think on a higher plane, but with your feet firmly on the ground. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.'

'This afternoon’s workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking... Alison has this natural ability to draw the right stuff out of you.'

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