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Alison Jones

She has given talks and workshops around the world on:

  • The future of publishing
  • The business of business books
  • Innovation strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Stepping up and speaking out (particularly for business women)
  • The power of writing as a tool for problem solving and creativity
Alison Jones

With a background in senior management, experience as a tutor and associate lecturer, training as an executive coach and extensive experience of public speaking, Alison is well qualified to run workshops and facilitate strategy sessions as well as speaking to large groups. 
By arrangement, talks can include bulk discounts on This Book Means Business for delegates. 

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'Alison is the ultimate professional, delivering all that was asked and more, and in a friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable manner... quality, informed and perfectly delivered.'

'Her coaching style worked incredibly well as it encouraged us to come up with our own ideas and solutions which really helped to embed the training... Alison delivers well thought-out frameworks for anyone seeking practical solutions.'

'This afternoon’s workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking... Alison has this natural ability to draw the right stuff out of you.'

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Short biography:

Alison Jones is founder of Practical Inspiration Publishing, a pioneering publishing partner for businesses, and host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club, a podcast and community for writers and readers of extraordinary business books. A veteran of the publishing industry, she worked for 25 years with leading companies such as Chambers, Oxford University Press and Macmillan (as Publisher and then Director of Innovation Strategy at Palgrave Macmillan). She regularly speaks and blogs on the publishing industry, is on the board of the Independent Publishers Guild and Head Judge of the Business Book Awards. She has written and edited several books, most recently This Book Means Business (2018).

Alison Jones

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