A depressing read

The recent news that Uber has fired 20 employees for sexual harrassment raises a range of emotions in me. Mostly negative. It seems incredible that here we are, in 2017, and this is still a Thing. And also a kind of grudging satisfaction that it is at least an Unacceptable Thing, punishable by the full force of the law.

But really: really?

I read too this morning about the woman who stood up to tell the man explaining the theories of the woman on the panel while she sat there forced to listen: ‘Let. Her. Speak.’ (http://observer.com/2017/06/sexism-science-facebook-mansplaining/_). 

I don’t have any wise words on all of this. Today it just makes me sag a little. Tomorrow I’ll rally and carry on and just get on with being a woman in a world that’s nearly but not quite equal.