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The latest Apple product is not what you might expect…

Here’s a bit of news you might not have expected: the latest must-have Apple product is a book. Yes, an actual print book. Designed by Apple in California is beautiful (of course), bound in white lined with embossing and silver-edged paper, and contains 450 luscious shots of iconic Apple design and the processes behind them. […]

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Are you a bibliogeek?

What do people mean when they say, ‘I love books’? Do they mean they love improving their mind or inspiring their soul by reading? Or the giddy sensation of leaving your own world and plunging headfirst into an entirely new one? Or is it the sheer sensual pleasure of a book, the feel of paper […]

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Print books, ebooks, and rich reading

Every month I write a ‘Digital Digest’ for the Independent Publishers Guild and this month there was a slew  of statistics that, on the surface at least, are hard to swallow for a digital publishing enthusiast like myself. I had a bet with our production director back in 2010 that half our revenues would be […]

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