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100 episodes young!

*cue fanfare and firework noises* This week is the 100th episode of The Extraordinary Business Book Club! I’ve seen this coming for a while – obviously – and have been beating my brain over what to do about it. After all, every week I have extraordinary, top-drawer guests on the show: should I try to find […]

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The Extraordinary Business Book Newsletter No.1

So blogging every day was a fascinating experiment, but by the end I was ready for a slower-paced, more thoughtful and purposeful way of putting stuff out into the world. May I introduce the very first Extraordinary Business Book Newsletter? Here’s an extract from this week’s. I’m sure it’ll change over time, but if I’ve […]

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You see? I stop with the having-to-post-every-day thing and suddenly I don’t post for a month! But here’s a wonderful reason for a blog: I took a trip down the M4 last night to be with Fabienne Vailes, author of The Flourishing Student, at her launch event at Bristol University. She gave a talk on […]

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