A walk down memory lane (aka The Royal Mile)

A glorious day today, spent with two great friends I rarely get to see, as we converged in Edinburgh for a weekend. This is where I was at university, 30 years ago, and today we walked the length and breadth of the city, stopping off in coffee shops and, as the day wore on, bars. I have bored them rigid with my memories, pointing out the places I used to live, the shops and pubs that are unchanged, the spots where something absolutely hilarious took place, except you probably had to be there. 

We’re staying near the foot of the Royal Mile, where I snapped this picture of a street entertainer delighting children with a blizzard of bubbles. No profound publishing-related points to draw out from this, just unashamed nostalgia and a sense that even on a street as historic as this, every time you walk down it, it’s a different street. 

The Royal Mile