And on the tenth day…

The end of another amazing, exhausting, exhilarating 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge, and one proposal submitted already, which is incredible (the deadline for the prize of a publishign deal isn’t until midnight on Monday). As usual, I invited particpants to tell me how they found the challenge – I can go on all day about how great it is, but I would say that, wouldn’t I? I’ve discovered it’s much more powerful when people hear it from others, without a vested interest, and I’ve also discovered that far from being offended, people welcome being asked to provide an endorsement when they’re happy with an experience. 

Here are the first few endorsements from this class:

Even better second time around. What this challenge does is it gets you to focus and get clear on your book idea and other considerations. From an initial title and overview through to audience, marketing and back cover. Anyone considering taking those first steps of writing a book should take part in this challenge. Alison is excellent and the group will pitch in with new and different ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience (again). 

I spotted the 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge on Facebook and joined out of curiosity with a half-formed idea for a book. Over the 10 days Alison and the group have really helped me focus my thoughts with challenging daily tasks and questions aligned to real business goals. It was intense and inspirational in surprising ways and reminded me that the stories we tell ourselves and other people are really powerful.

The 10 Day Business Book Challenge is more than the sum of its parts. Before you allow yourself to get carried away with the contents of your book, this should be a requirement for every aspiring author. Alison has created a challenge which should be several hundred pounds at the very least. Her industry knowledge, and untiring individual support are wonderful. Add to the mix the help from other participants and you will produce a book proposal you’re proud of.

The 10 Day Business Book Challenge is a great, intense, supportive experience. It’s skilfully put together and guided with the deft hand of Alison Jones through a rigorous, challenging, and helpful process that provides structure and a number of key steps to help you unload all those great ideas that have been sloshing around your brain and which you want to put down but have never quite found how to!

I’d recommend the 10 day book proposal challenge to anyone thinking of writing a book (I’ve already been singing Alison’s praises far and wide). The challenge is free yet completely priceless in value. My book moved from a collection of thoughts and the jumbled writing of a first draft to a clear and targeted proposition with a personality all of its own. The whole challenge focuses you on your business, where it’s going and how your book fits in. Genius!

It’s incredibly valuable to see what others find valuable, and also just a really lovely way to end the day.