And so this is Twixtmas…

…and what are you doing? 

Here are my plans for these glorious unstructured days between Christmas and New Year: 

1. run and blog every day (the normal rules of life may not apply, but the streak continues)

2. do a jigsaw. I’m not even quite sure why, but every year at around this time the jigsaw itch hits me. 

3. see some of the world’s most important (to me) people. We’ll be doing the grand tour of aunts and uncles while I’m up in my home town, hopefully including some cousins. I don’t see them nearly often enough, and it’s perhaps the greatest treasure of these precious days. 

4. forget what day it is. And who cares anyway?

5. eat inappropriate food at random times. Mince pie, anyone?

6. playing daft games with my kids. I’d forgotten how much you can laugh playing Uno. 

7. pause, rest, and regather. There’s a lot to do in 2017. 

What about you?