BookReport – a gorgeous new look for Kindle sales data

The KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) interface is not what you’d call a thing of beauty. It’s fine. But it’s pretty clunky. 

Listening to The Creative Penn podcast this week (while grinding out a treadmill run) I heard Joanna Penn mention BookReport, a new way to analyse Kindle sales data. I looked it up immediately I finished the run, downloaded the bookmarklet, and hey presto, beautiful visualiziations of all my Kindle books’ performance. The best bit is that you can see data from the very first day you loaded up a Kindle ebook (May 2013, in my case). 

It’s free for 14 days, and if you earn less than $1K per month from the Kindle Store it will continue to be free – otherwise it costs $10 per month. 

A really nice tool, well worth a look.