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Today’s blog is over at BookMachine – it’s all about HarperCollins’s clever new initiative BookGig.

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Which writing style is right for you?

Jeff Goins divides bloggers into five ‘platform personalities’:  The Journalist, who builds a platform on asking questions. This is my approach with The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast.  The Prophet, who speaks truth, often iconoclastically – Goins gives Seth Godin as one example, I suggest Michael Neill is another. The Artist, focused on creating something beautiful – for me, Akala and Elizabeth […]

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How I learned to love marketing (and why you should too)

Yesterday in the 10-day book proposal challenge we were focusing on the marketing plan for the book, which is something of a Marmite task. One participant in particular approached it with a feeling of dread, but was pleasantly surprised.  ‘When I saw today’s task my heart sank – so I’m surprised with what laying this out […]

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