Community magic

This morning I took part in Bryony Thomas’s Watertight Marketing conference, which was itself a masterclass in running an event. I hugely admire Bryony’s joined-up thinking and her incredible attention to detail, and today’s online conference was testament to that. 

Bryony asked me to talk about building community, with particular reference to The Extraordinary Business Book Club and my 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge. 

What I didn’t get to say when we were talking tactical marketing, but what I’ve been musing over ever since, is that I didn’t expect such joy from creating these communities.

Each community (and particularly the proposal challenge, where the pace is fast and the energy fizzes) creates its own magic. I watch in amazement as participants connect and come up with ideas and offer suggestions I’d never have thought of. 

The whole is massively more than the sum of the parts, and hosting it is an incredible privilege.