Doing the full Guy Kawasaki

Full MontyThe Full Monty is one of my all-time favourite films. I love that triumphant freeze-frame finish, as the hats that were preserving the last shreds of modesty are flung aside and six blokes stand there butt-naked while the room goes wild. Nowhere to hide, nothing left to the imagination. 

In the This Book Means Business bootcamp we’ve been discussing Guy Kawasaki’s approach to building the book in public, putting up first the table of contents and then the full first draft, and inviting comments and feedback from anyone who wants to give it. It’s become known, inevitably I suppose, as ‘doing the Full Guy Kawasaki’.

And I’ve just done it.

I imagine this is very much how Robert Carlyle and his mates felt as the hats flew across the room. 

If you’d like to take a look at the table of contents for This Book Means Business: 99 tried and tested tips to help you write a brilliant, business-building book here’s the link: I’d love your thoughts on what sounds useful, what’s missing, what’s unclear, what’s most intriguing, whether the sections and structure make sense to you, examples I should consider to illustrate the points, and pretty much any other observation you’d care to make, to be honest.

You can leave your hat on if you like. Entirely up to you.