Going global

Just sharing here something I have just posted in The Extraordinary Business Book Club in Facebook:

Just uploaded tomorrow’s Best Bits episode – I absolutely LOVE putting these together, gives me chance to look back over the last 9 episodes and reflect on the common themes and the individual moments of genius. Thanks to those who suggested their personal Best Bits, I’ve given you shoutouts 🙂
And while I was faffing around in Libsyn I took a quick look at geographical stats for the first time ever: astonished to see 300 downloads so far this month from New Zealand, 60 from Cyprus and 6 from Republic of Korea! I had no idea the show had gone so international. Ain’t technology marvellous??

I don’t want to get complacent, though: a paltry 1 for Turks and Caicos Islands so far. So if you’re in Turks and Caicos, or anywhere in the world, frankly, please share this link and spread the word… http://extraordinarybusinessbooks.com/podcast-episodes/.