Good morning

In my day now is a 15-minute slot at around 6.25am after I’ve run to warm up, done an online bootcamp, stretched, and then sit in the garden cooling off and writing.

It won’t last forever of course: pretty soon the mornings will be too chilly, dark and often too wet and I’ll be forced back to the kitchen table. But for now, before I wake anyone else in the house and start the getting-ready-for-school madness, there’s just these few minutes of September morning beauty. It’s quiet as far as human noise goes, although the birds are going crazy. An occasional plane leaves a pink-and-gold vapour trail and the air smells clean and full of possibility.

It’s going to be a busy day – it’s ALWAYS a busy day – but it’s also a beautiful day. The trick is to remember the beauty in the busy, I guess.

(written on 15/9/16)