Learning from the Learned

I recently created created a series of posts on LinkedIn about what expert authors can learn from academic authors.

If you care about communicating your ideas, and the most brilliant minds in the world are focused on communicating their ideas in new and innovative ways, it’s probably worthwhile seeing what they are coming up with. Whether it’s business theory, practical expertise or scholarly research, our world is fuelled by ideas, and ideas are fuelled by juxtaposition, communication and collaboration. 

As someone who works across both sectors, I’m continually struck by the parallels between them. Here are five trends in scholarly communications that I believe every business owner should be aware of:

  1. open access
  2. new impact metrics
  3. non-text content
  4. integration of data
  5. reputation management.

Over the coming days I’ll be covering each of these in detail. 

See the full post here.