Listen up

I’ve just been uploading and checking tomorrow’s podcast episode, an interview with Emma Serlin of the London Speech Workshop. She has a background in theatre, as an actor and directory, and a Masters in psychology, and she’s brought those two perspectives together into a really fascinating methodology for more effective communication. You’ll be able to hear the full interivew from tomorrow at, but here’s one insight that particularly struck me:

‘When you say something to yourself in your head, it goes through a different part of your brain than if you say it out loud. If you say it out loud, you hear it through the listening part of your brain and so you can receive the information in a different way.’

This makes perfect sense to me. It’s one of the reasons that mantras work – when we think something inspiring and uplifting it’s one thing, but when we hear ourselves say it out loud, it takes on new power and conviction. And it also means that reading your writing back to yourself can be a great way of literally ‘hearing’ it differently, trying it out in a new part of your brain, testing it for resonance and power. 

Speaking and writing are so intimately connected, and if you want to get your message into the world it’s worth developing your understanding of how they work together.