Peer power

On Wednesday I carved out a few hours to focus on planning for 2017: usually what happens is I block out a day in the diary for this kind of thinking and then it gets eaten up by the to-do list. This time, however, I used my new-found understanding of myself as an Obliger (see Gretchen Rubin’s Tendencies Framework) and cleverly set up a planning day with three of my Mastermind sisters. We checked in with each other by Zoom at 9am (to set our intentions), 12 noon (to update on progress and compare notes) and 4pm (to present the plan and get feedback). 

Even for the introverts amongst us, that structure and accountabliity proved incredibly helpful. 

If you’re not making time for Big Thinking, I thoroughly recommend roping in a few friends in a similar situation. In a sense it’s peer pressure, but I prefer to think of it as peer power.