Reader-centric writing

A real accolade for this week’s podcast episode: my Mum, who’s listened to pretty much all of them, reckons this one is the best yet. 

Matt Watkinson began his career as a designer, and his background is in customer and user experience. Which explains why his books are so beautifully designed for the reader. 

‘If you want to be a good designer, you don’t really bring an ego to the work, you listen to what people say and you try and design the most customer-centric thing that you can and I’ve tried my best to bring that mentality to writing. A book ultimately is a product.’

You can also hear in today’s episode some big news of my own (which won’t be a surprise if you’ve seen me dancing and drinking Prosecco all over social media recently), but it does all make for a really rather fun listening experience. 

Don’t take my word for it: Mums are always right.