Watertight Marketing promotion – an experiment

When Bryony Thomas tries out  a marketing technique for her book, smart business book writers take notice. Right now, Bryony is running a promotion that makes absolutely no sense at all to anyone stuck in a traditional view of books as a means of generating passive revenue. As she explains in The Extraordinary Business Book Club:

‘I’m giving away as many FREE digital copies of Watertight Marketing as humanly possible. If you know someone who wants to grow a business, please do send them these details.’

(She’s also agreed to report back in the group on how this promotion works so that we can all benefit from what she discovers.) 

See the promotion here: http://watertightmarketing.com/extraordinary

So if you don’t already have a copy of the book, now’s your chance to grab it for free and discover what all the rave reviews are all about. And if you DO have a copy, here’s your chance to pay it forward for your friends and also to get some insight into how a promotion like this impacts on the business behind it.

Because as Daniel Priestly put it, while traditional publishers see it as the author’s job to sell the book, business book authors take the view that it’s the book’s job to sell the author.

NB No affiliate arrangement here, I just think Bryony is ace and think that if you’re reading my blog, you like me will be interested in this approach.