Writing is 9 parts procrastination

I have just interviewed the wonderful Pam Didner, global content marketing expert and author of Global Content Marketing (what else?) – the episode will be broadcast in September. Along with all the fascinating insights into what it means to create content with international reach, she shared her own experience of writing. I asked her what writing looked like for her, how she went about it, and she laughed. 

Basically, it turns out, writing for Pam looks like procrastination. It looks like emptying the washing machine, making the beds, anything but actually sitting down and writing. 

The only way she’s found to force herself to the keyboard and get the darn thing written is to take on a deadline – someone else’s deadline, obviously, because her own doesn’t count – and when she has a deadline she will, eventually, do the work. 

‘Although I do have a blog due in a couple of days,’ she mused, ‘I was supposed to write it today, and I’m just thinking, ehhhh, I still have 48 hours….’

I don’t know about you, but I find this immensely reassuring.