Writing is mining for ideas

I’ve just been putting together next Monday’s podcast episode, which is one very close to my heart: when I first had the idea for this podcast, Daniel Priestly was high on my wishlist because he illustrates so beautifully the marriage of book and business in his bestsellers such as Key Person of Influence and Oversubscribed. He didn’t let me down: this interview is pure gold from start to finish. Here’s a sneaky peek that I shared with my bootcampers today, as it’s something we’ve been talking about in the group – the intrinsic value of writing your book: 

‘In the process of writing a book, you’re mining deep for your ideas in your intellectual property, so even if you never even sold any books, or even if just never even published the book, it would still be a worthwhile activity, because in the process of writing, you get very clear on your case studies, your stories, your methodologies. Frameworks come out. All of that intellectual property comes out during the writing process. Writing is almost … It’s a process that allows you to reflect upon what you know, and formalise what you know into a document, and then that content becomes blogs, articles, workshop materials. It really ends up living across a number of different platforms.’

It helps to remember that, to see the research and writing as a valuable process in its own right, and not continually beat yourself up about the fact you haven’t finished yet. If it’s still working to develop your thinking, your network, your platform and your business it’s still serving you.