You do it by doing it

If you're waiting for a sign this is itIn this week’s podcast episode, I talk to Warren Knight, speaker, consultant and author of Think #Digital First (you can listen to the full interview here). What really struck me in our conversation was the way in which Warren exemplified the entrepreneurial mindset, even as a very young man. He saw opportunities and took them, one bold but obvious step at a time. I don’t know whether it’s that 20-year-old me wouldn’t have seen the opportunities, or would simply have assumed they weren’t for me, but I’m very envious of that attitude. It took me several decades to achieve it, and I’m not sure I’ve nailed it even now.

Shortly before I set up the podcast, my mentor Suzanne Dibble told me something that has stuck with me ever since: ‘Leaders are just people who have decided to lead.’ She said it casually, it was obvious to her, but it hit me with the force of a landslide.

Are you still assuming that someone else will step up to take that opportunity or fill that gap you’ve noticed? Or are you waiting for permission or recognition before you claim your authority in your field?

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

You do it by doing it.

Just start.