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Learning from the Learned

I recently created created a series of posts on LinkedIn about what expert authors can learn from academic authors. If you care about communicating your ideas, and the most brilliant minds in the world are focused on communicating their ideas in new and innovative ways, it’s probably worthwhile seeing what they are coming up with. Whether it’s business theory, […]

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Stepping Up, Standing Out

Your book matters. Present it like it matters. Look again at the non-fiction books that have made an impact on you. The books that leapt of the shelf (real or virtual) at you, kept you turning the pages, the ones you keep dipping back in to, that you recommend to others. As a reader you […]

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What was London Book Fair 2015 all about?

Olympia, that gracious old building, bristling with technology and drenched in sunlight, was a fitting metaphor for the industry this year, as well as its showcase. This year’s London Book Fair – a key public event in the industry year – was also a significant personal milestone for me. The first day of LBF 2014 […]

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Fit to Publish?

Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler One of the reasons English lends itself so well to poetry – and also why it’s so difficult to learn – is the way it shoehorns multiple meanings into its bald Anglo-Saxon monosyllables. Take ‘fit’, for example. Just three letters, yet it takes up […]

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Publishing as Strategy: The Sweet Spot for Your Book

The sweet spot for your book: the intersection of what you’ve got, what they want, and where things are heading. What does ‘strategy’ mean to you? If I asked you what your strategy was for your small business, how would you answer? It’s a loaded word which means different things to different people, but for […]

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