Be More Zebra

Following this week’s interview with Louise Wiles, winner of the first 10-Day Business Book Proposal Challenge and now author of Thriving Abroad, published by Practical Inspiration last month, there’s been an amazing conversation going on in the Extraordinary Business Book Club Facebook group about the resistance that every one of us seems to feel, pretty much at every stage. 

One person in particular, who comes across as super-confident, astonished me by revealing: 

I had a complete pre-publishing meltdown! I really didn’t see it coming but more or less had to be talked off a ledge at one point… Just saying “I’ve written a book” out loud, to anyone, made me feel physically sick!!
I asked her why she thought that was, and how she dealt with it, or had she just sucked it up? 

Turns out she got by with a little help from her friends:
A very wise woman talked to me about comfort zones and how getting out of them is always uncomfortable. And sometimes, we just need to accept that something new will feel uncomfortable and there isn’t a way to fix it, you just have to go with it anyway!

And the wonderful Sherry Bevan chipped in with characteristic wit and wisdom: 

Not everybody will love my style or my approach but nobody else can say it the way I say it. I talk to my clients about embracing the zebra in you. We think zebras all look the same – horses in stripy pyjamas. but when you look closely every zebra is unique. No two zebras have the same stripes. No two authors will write in the same way, in the same style, appeal to the same audience, or have the same unique set of experience. Be more zebra.

If you’re feeling the fear, you’re in good company. And I strongly recommend a listen to Louise

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