Day 300

Day 300Tonight’s run was a bit special. Firstly because it was such a beautiful evening, the sun low in a mackerel sky, the air warm with a delicious breeze. Secondly because Child 2 tagged along, cycling around me, cutting me up, telling me in detail about today’s science experiment, planning adventures for the summer, talking non-stop. And finally because it was one of those milestone runs: 300 days of running every day. 

Which makes this 300 days of blogging every day, too. 

That’s quite a lot of days. 

Over the last 300 days I’ve run when I’ve felt great and when it was the last thing I wanted to do, when it was so cold the air hurt the back of my throat and when it was so hot I was sweating before I’d even begun. I’ve run before dawn and after dark, fast and (more usually) slowly, with company and alone, along familiar paths and exploring new places. 

And I’ve found something to say, even when I though I had nothing. Every day I discover I have something. 

It’s powerful, doing something every day. The running and the blogging. It’s less something you do, more something you are. Every day that choice: will I? And every day the growing certainty: yes I will. Because this is what I do, and this is who I am.