Better together

ClaraOne of the most wonderfully unexpected things about the 10-day Busines Book Proposal Challenge is that people within the group connect not just with me, but with each other. Who knew?

Three great examples today: 

1. One second-time challenger posted her marketing plan, which included a joint venture with someone who was on the previous challenge with her and is in a similar space. 

2. Two first-time challengers swapped contact details for high-profile speaking opportunities – and discovered that they shared a mutual family friend in the process!

3. One previous challenger posted the gorgeous character, Clara, that a fellow challenger had drawn for him to illustrate his book. Meet Clara – illustrating clear English for Howard Walwyn, drawn by the winner of the last proposal challenge, Cara Holland.

And this is what happens when you set up a community: people connect, things happen, new stuff comes into the world. It’s ace.