Content marketing – it takes two

Whenever I train or coach on content marketing, the second big step – the first is figuring out your WHY, as always: what is it you’re wanting to achieve? – is identifying exactly who it is you’re trying to reach (or whom if you’re a stickler for these things). 

But as I was working with someone today I shocked them by saying that it’s not only about the target market. It’s also about you. You’re building a relationship after all, and that takes two. 

Don’t make the mistake of focusing ONLY on your target market. It’s also important to think about the other party in the relationship that you’re building here, and that’s you. In a noisy world, where everyone seems to have something to say about this topic, what’s distinctive about your company’s approach? What’s your brand’s personality, and what tone of voice, visual identity and type of content fits with that? Content marketing builds not only awareness but also trust and liking, so it’s important that you show up, and keep showing up, authentically.