Finding my flow

Sue RevellJust over a year ago I worked with amazing coach Sue Revell on her ‘Gotta Be Me’ experience (which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to discover who they are and how they are when they’re at their unstoppable best, and learn how to bring that understanding into everyday life). 

But it’s amazing how you forget details of even the most memorable days. When I went back over my notes from that day as part of my review of the year, I found this sketch of my idea flow: 

RUNNING (idea emerges) -> WRITING (idea is explored, takes shape, is articulated) -> SPEAKING (idea is refined, tested, gets feedback, gets used)

I’d forgotten this when I put in place my daily running and writing habit back in September, following Seth Godin’s challenge. It felt good, but it wasn’t until I reread this that I fully understood why it works so well for me. 

If you were to draw out your idea flow, what would it look like? And what are you doing to put the first step in place consistently?