The Year of the Book

Glenda ShawleyBack in January, I ran a workshop for 10 would-be authors called The Year of the Book. It was aimed at those who wanted to get serious about the book they’d been talking about writing for months/years and make it happen in 2016. One of those people was Glenda Shawley, and she came away from the workshop inspired and energised. Within a week she’d signed up for a coaching package with me, and over the course of the year we worked together on fleshing out her structure and strategy. 

Today I put live the preorder page for her book, Founded After 40: How to start a business when you haven’t got time to waste, which is coming out in January. We’re just working through the proofs at the moment, and finishing off the workbook that will accompany the book. 

It is quite simply BRILLIANT, and will tranform the lives of the small business owners who read it. I’m beyond proud of her, and thrilled to have been part of the journey. 

Look at the preorder page, and remember that this time last year, it was nothing more than a vague idea. 

I don’t do workshops very often, but there’s another one next week in London. If you want to be where Glenda is now 11 months from now, you could do worse than be there. (Use code GLENDA at checkout for a 25% discount.)