Hard, Happy, Progressive and Epic – not your writing, the playlist

More soundtrack insights: it turns out Daniel Priestly (author of Key Person of Influence, The Entrepreneur Revolution and Oversubscribed) also has a writing playlist, and while Caroline Webb (author of How to Have a Good Day) favours deep house (or Haydn), he is a fan of trance music.

My musical tastes are eclectic but unsophisticated. The Indigo Girls are about as edgy as I get. I have absolutely no idea what the difference is between deep house and trance, or indeed deep house and any other kind of house. Today of course there’s no need to puzzle over anything and no excuse for ignorance: I turned to Google.

And so it was that I discovered that I discovered this:

I love everything about this, from the psychedelic background to the funky fonts to the way that Eurovision Song Contest has a category all its own. It tells me at a glance pretty much everything I need to know (and I few I’d frankly rather not). 

A great example of how presenting the information visually packs massively more impact than a page of text, especially for the big-picture stuff. 

Now I’m off to Spotify… any recommendations?