Masterminding under the tree

A truly magical day: the first in-person meeting of my inaugural This Book Means Business Mastermind group. 

It’s a small group of four, all business owners with distinctive ideas and approaches, great expertise, and a vision for growing their business and transforming their visibility with the book they’re writing.

We’re focusing on four areas of development, along with the actual mechanics of planning and writing the book: personal, platform, network, and business.

I’ve been developing this idea for years, really: it’s a natural extension of the one-to-one coaching I’ve offered for several years and the tremendous group energy and synergy of the prposal challenge and bootcamp. I knew it was going to be good, but as always I wasn’t quite prepared for the magic that’s created in the moment, in the shared space. Today it was made even more magical because we sat outside under the shade of a magnificent London plane tree. The dappled light and constant movement of the leaves above us, the tracking of the sun across the space, lent a gentle fluid energy to the day quite different from the elegant hotel meeting rooms or business venues usually used for meetings like this. 

It made me think that I should try writing outside and see what the effect might be…

plane tree