Thankfulness without the agenda

Thank youI’ve had several emails this morning from businesses with a similar formula: I’m so thankful for you, you are my reason for living, let me show you how grateful I am by offering you this special price on my product. 

I do get that business is business and Black Friday is a thing. I do. 

But I don’t have to like it. 

Thanksgiving isn’t a UK holiday but giving thanks is a universal imperative. We’ve now proved scientifically that what our spiritual traditions have always known is true: we’re designed to feel and express gratitude, and when we’re thankful, we’re happier. 

I can’t help but think that if you’ve mixed up a promotion with your expression of gratitude it’s somehow worth a bit less both to me, the person you’re thanking, and also to you. 

I’m going to get off the moral high ground now because it’s a chilly, lonely place, and not my natural home. And I’m going to say Thank You a lot today, upwards and outwards. (Starting here – THANK YOU for reading this blog, especially if you ever comment or share – it means a lot!)

EDIT: I subsequently received this email from Libsyn, my podcast hosting service, proving that it’s possible to do these emails well – no crass promo, and I love them for it (I’ll even forgive them the typos): 

We are so very grateful for YOUR voice.
Whether you are sharing just your voice via an audio podcast, or your voice and lovely face via video podcasting, on behalf of planet earth…..


This time of year and THIS year in particular, the power of voice is something we are deeply grateful to you for sharing. You have done something incredible just by putting yourself out there in your podcast this past year.

These efforts take dedication, focus and love.

There have been things you have given up , most likely sleep, to record, to edit, and to kindly answer listener’s emails and manage social communities.

Perhaps you have taken a brave stance, supported a cause, educated, provided a diversion, or incited laughter. ALL efforts worthy of praise and gratitude and in selfless service to your audience.

For those who do not have access to mass media, podcasts have been their lifeline to news, politics, entertainment and virtual neighbors.

You have created a community.

Your audience has found a resting place.

Your voice has been powerful.

This world needs more brave people like yourself. People who are not content with being ambiguous, but propelled by the desire to change minds, lives and worlds.

Thank you for being daring enough [to] create an enduring voice.

The Libsyn Team