‘There’s no such thing as writer’s block’

I’m just putting together the show notes for Monday’s Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast episode, featuring an interview with the author of Million Dollar Consulting, Alan Weiss. It was an eye-opening conversation for me, one of the most challenging I’ve ever done (in a good way!), and I just wanted to share this extract to whet your appetite. 

He’s not a man for excuses, is Alan Weiss.

‘There’s no such thing as writer’s block. It’s a myth. What you do is you sit down at a keyboard and you type a letter, and then you type some more letters, you have a word. Then you type some more words, you have a sentence. A few more sentences, you have a paragraph. What you write is better than you think, but what stops people is the self-editing, this little person in your head who keeps critiquing you. You got to kill that person, you just got to flick them off your shoulder, stomp on them ’til they’re bloody. You have to sit down and write, and stop worrying whether people will like it. Just write for yourself.’

You can hear the full interview on Monday in The Extraordinary Business Book Club, if you’re ready to be seriously challenged and inspired.