Wild Western Women

Yesterday I wrote about the people at the beating heart of the book industry: publishers, writers, readers. Today I’m grateful for a different group of people altogether – my Mastermind sisters. When I left corporate life to set up my own business I expected to feel isolated. I knew I’d miss the thousand tiny day-to-day interactions of the office, the camaraderie and satisfaction of team-work, Christmas parties, just having a body down the corridor to bounce ideas off. Over the last year though I’ve belonged to an incredible group of women entrepreneurs who have supported and challenged me. They’re from all over the UK and everyone’s business is completely different. I would never have believed that such a diverse, far-flung group could become my personal and professional support system. 

So here’s a public thank you to my clever, generous, funny, wise Mastermind sisters Ginny, Sue, Julie, Mi and Karen, and of course Suzanne for making it happen and Sophie for organising us. When the Dalai Lama said ‘The world will be saved by the western woman’ it was you he had in mind.