Content marketing

I’ve been enjoying putting together episode 69 this morning. Here’s  a great quote from John Hall, CEO of Influence  & Co, on writing a book:

You’ve got to form habits.  When you’re doing a book, there has to be habits and a system set up. When you’re doing this, this when you’re dumping, this is when you’re researching, this is when you’re doing this, and you’ve got to stick to it. One of my good friends, Paul Roetzer, who wrote The Marketing Blueprint, we were out one year, and it was 7:00, and we were just about to have a lot of fun, and he goes, “All right, man. See you later.” I go, “I thought we were going to go out?” He goes, “Oh, no, no, no. 7:30, I have to write a two o’clocker. Can’t do it.” I was like, “You’re kidding me, Paul.”

 ‘I was kind of mad at Paul,’ he added, ‘but he turned out a good book.’

I feel chastened and challenged on the writing front: how about you?